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Financial Reviews

No obligation fact-find to build a complete picture of your individual financial situation

This is where you may not have received any financial advice previously, or are not entirely comfortable with the range of financial products and services that are available to you.

We conduct a no obligation fact find to build a complete picture of your individual financial situation. There are no right or wrong answers in a fact find. Everybody is unique and will have financial goals or objectives that are important or relevant to them. The principle behind this approach is to analyse the information and then make basic recommendations to meet specific goals. For a young family this might be saving for a deposit for a house, putting in place a protection policy in case of any unforeseen circumstances or it might be trying to secure the most suitable mortgage deal. For other people it might be reviewing their pensions or existing investments to ensure they are maximising the returns available or are getting good value for money.

The key steps involved in this process are:

  1. Setting a goal or objective
  2. Fact finding
  3. Analysing the information obtained
  4. Constructing a plan
  5. Agreement and implementation
  6. Regular reviews and monitoring

Everyone can benefit from a financial healthcheck.

It helps to focus your attention on the areas which are of concern, need or are desirable.

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